Leather Care Kit

International Leather Source offers leather care and leather protection at $49.50 a kit.

leather care kit

Leather Care Kit is $49.95 which includes UPS ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Email us at International Leather Source for inquiries or other questions.

Caring for leather

Leather is a living material that becomes more beautiful over time if cared for correctly.

Remember the following guideline:

  • Never place leather furniture closer than 20-30 cm from a radiator, or in direct sunlight.
  • Vacuum clean frequently with a soft brush, and clean surfaces subjected to heavy wear, such as arm and neck rest, as required. Water-soluble stains are easily removed by soaking and blotting with kitchen paper
  • Never attempt to remove problem stains with strong solvents or chemical products. You could end up with a bigger problem that requires repairs. Instead, contact the shop that sold you the furniture and ask for assistance. If the shop staff can’t help you, ask them to contact the manufacturer for expert advice.

Cleaning and protection

To provide the best possible care for your leather furniture, ILS provides a water based leather care program including a cleansing product (Leather Cleaner) and a protective product (Leather Protection).

Leather Cleaner

Our Leather Cleaner cleans the leather gently and delicately, which means it can be used frequently without risk of drying out the leather. Areas subjected to heavy wear, such as armrests, benefit from frequent cleaning. Leather Cleaner is suitable for all ILS Leather, expect Nubuck.

Leather Protection

This product impregnates the leather, protects it from spills and stains and keeps it soft and supple. We recommend you treat your leather upholstery with Leather Protection after cleaning, ideally twice a year. Suitable for all ILS leather, except Nubuck.